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Auto Access Digital Materials Program

What is Auto Access?

The Campus Store collaborates with the instructor and publisher to convert to the all digital version of the required materials at a reduced price. Then the eBook, courseware, etc. is available in the Canvas course so that all students have access to it the first day of classes. Students pay for the digital materials through a charge placed on their student account upon registration.

What are the benefits of Auto Access?

In the 2019-20 school year, students in over 250 Auto Access courses saved almost 50% over printed materials. And the best part? 100% of those students had the materials on the first day of classes. Studies have found that students perform better in courses when they have the materials, with 58% of USU students saying that they felt like they performed better in courses utilizing Auto Access.

I'm an instructor, how do I get started with Auto Access for my course(s)?

There are a few ways to let us know:

1) Mark "Interested in Auto Access" when you submit your course materials request

2) Add a note to your course materials request, or

3) Email us at textbooks@usu.edu

How and when do students pay for Auto Access materials?

Auto Access materials are paid for through an "Auto Access Digital Materials" charge posted to students account upon registration in an AA course. Payment for this charge follows USU's standard tuition/fee policies and deadlines. If you drop the course prior to the add/drop deadline, the fee will be refunded. No refunds are offered after the add/drop deadline.

What does it mean to opt-out?

By default, all students in Auto Access course have access to the digital materials. However, they do have the choice to opt-out of the digital materials and associated charge by the designated deadline.

Once opted out, the Auto Access charge will be reversed within 3-5 business days AFTER the opt-out deadline has passed. Access to the digital materials, including eBooks, tests, quizzes, etc. will also be revoked and students are responsible for obtaining the required materials through their own means.

How do I access the materials?

Digital materials are accessed in Canvas, additional details will be provided by your instructor and/or syllabus.


Student inquiries: contact us here

Faculty inquiries: textbooks@usu.edu, 435-797-1670