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Textbook Buyback and Rental Check-in


Books are placed on the buyback list if:

  • An instructor has requested it for a future semester
  • There is a national need for the book if not used on campus
  • The book is not overstocked from prior semesters
  • It does not have tear-out pages and is not a workbook
  • It is not a packet with required 1-time use software

Books must be in resellable condition, and will be evaluated before being bought back. We cannot accept counterfeit copies, or books with: liquid damage (water, coffee, etc.), missing/torn pages, broken binding, significant cover damage beyond normal wear and tear, fire (scorched), chemical spills, or tooth marks (rodent, pets, etc.). Limited highlighting and writing in the book is permitted.

The Campus Store will purchase used books regardless of where the books were originally purchased. Buyback quantities on an individual title may be limited. Bring your books to buyback as soon as possible. Bring all CDs, books, or other package components to buyback. If it was purchased as a package, it must be bought back as a package. Watch for the posted buyback dates. Buyback for the Campus Store is offered at the end of each semester. Wholesale buyback is available at any time at the Textbook Information Desk (lower prices given at wholesale buyback). Some classes may be taught on a periodic basis. If your book is not on the current buyback list, it may be placed on a future buyback list.

Rental Check-in

Textbook rentals are due the last day of Finals Week each semester. They can be returned anytime up until the rental deadline. We will send reminder emails leading up to the deadline, but ultimately you are responsible to return your rental books on time.

Off Campus/Distance Education: If you are unable to return your book(s) in-store, please email campusstore@usu.edu for a pre-paid shipping label. Packages must be postmarked by the last day of finals, after which the prepaid shipping label will expire, and you will be subject to the unreturned fee for each rental book. If you return your book(s) using a carrier of your own choice, you are responsible for paying the shipping charges and for making sure your package is postmarked by the deadline, or you may be subject to unreturned fees. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing from the time your shipment arrives at our facilities.

Book condition: Books must be returned in clean and useable condition, absolutely no water damage or damage of any kind is permitted. Books returned in less than useable condition, as determined by Campus Store staff, will be assessed the damage fee. Please refer to the rental agreement you accepted during the time of renting for additional details.

Rental Book Buyout: If you would like to buy out and keep your rental book, you will be responsible for paying the difference between the current purchase price and the rental price. Visit any USU Campus Store or call us at 1-800-662-3950. If you do not purchase or check-in your rental book(s) by the deadline, you will be subject to the unreturned fee(s).

Payment for unreturned/overdue books: The collateral card provided during check-out will be charged for unreturned/overdue books. If for some reason we cannot charge the collateral card, your student tuition/fee account will be charged. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from returning your books, please contact us at support@campusstore.usu.edu BEFORE THE RENTAL DEADLINE.