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Student Charge Accounts

Get your course materials and then pay all educational expenses at a more convenient time. Students can charge textbooks and other course related materials to their USU ID card through the Campus Store!

Benefits of Credit Limit Accounts

  • Student expenses including tuition and student fees, course materials, computers, etc. can be paid for in one place. Individual balances are found at usu.edu/myusu on student Banner account. 
  • Course materials can be purchased in time for the first day of class without waiting for Financial Aid funds to be distributed. 
  • Students have the option to use a payment plan for all required course materials. 

Two Credit Limit Accounts

There are two lines of credit available for all current USU students*:
  1. Course Material Credit Limit: A maximum of $1,000 in course materials per semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) can be purchased on your USU ID card using the line of credit. Only materials listed on your booklist for the semester may be purchased on this account (i.e. textbooks, art supplies, software, lab materials, etc.). Purchases can be made in multiple transactions as long as the sum total does not exceed $1,000 for the semester.
  2. Computer Credit Limit: A one-time transaction of up to $1,000 in hardware (i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.) can be purchased once every five years on your USU ID card. 

General Credit Limit Account Information

Terms, Conditions, and Processes:

  • Credit limits are available three weeks prior to and expire the end of the third week of each semester.  For semester start dates, visit usu.edu/registrar. 
  • Accounts are only available to students who are enrolled for the current semester. 
  • USU ID card must be present and shown at the register in order to activate the charge accounts. The individual making the purchase must be the owner of the ID card. 
  • Credit line accounts can only be accessed in-store, not available with online purchases. 
  • All returns require a receipt and student ID card. Charges will be refunded back to student Banner account to cover any outstanding balances. If no balance is due, you will receive a reimbursement through the normal refund process. 
  • Standard textbook return policy applies.

Payment on Credit Limit Accounts

  • Use of credit limit accounts binds you to the Tuition and Payment rules of the University. For an overview and optional payment plan information, click here. If a payment plan was already in place, it will automatically recalculate by the next business day. 
  • Payments are handled through the Registrar's Office or your online student Banner account. A fee is charged when paying with a bankcard**. The Campus Store is not involved with payment. 
  • An email will be sent when a charge has been made to an account. Once Financial Aid is applied, any balances must be paid before registration for the next semester. Failure to do so results in a registration hold and temporary deactivation of ID card. 
  • Charges will show on student Banner account 2-3 hours after purchase as "MBKM Campus Store Course Materials or Computers." 
*Due to funding requirements, sponsored students are excluded from this program.
**A 2.75% convenience fee is assessed when credit or debit cards are used to pay student account balances.